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Behind J’s parents’ property in Connecticut is a small structure made of stacked stones with one small entrance. According to neighbors, it has been verified by historians as a stop on the underground railroad.

After hearing about this, I made J take me to visit this special site.

Photography by me. April 2014.

The South End and the Atlantic in the distance.

Photograph by me. March 2014.

With almost 60 places of higher education in the Boston area, it might be hard to choose one to attend. But it’s not hard to see which ones have the market cornered on beauty. In my opinion, Harvard and BC will have to duke it out for the best looking campus superlative. Harvard has the red bricks, but BC has the Medieval gargoyle-style architecture that’s both scary and beautiful. 

Check out these photographs I took while walking around Boston College on a warm spring day.

Photography by me. April 2013.

In your opinion, what’s the most beautiful college in the U.S.?

Boston’s waterfront district is pretty photogenic.

Photograph by me. April 2014.

What’s your favorite coastal city?

A glimpse into Boston’s past. Steam rising on a cold, rainy morning in Back Bay.

Photography by me. April 2014.

Recent snapshots from BrownstonesofBoston Instagram.

Photography by me. March and April 2014.

Have any favorites?