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Fenway Park in the springtime. There’s no other like it.

Photograph by me. April 2014.

If I can’t go, at least I can see it in all of its glory!

Chihuly in the Garden

While on a short three-day trip back home, my family and I went to see Chihuly in the Garden at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we took J to the Botanical Garden to get a glimpse at every type of cacti out there. I don’t think I’d been to the Botanical Garden in almost a decade, and here I was going twice within six months. I call that maturing.

Famous glassblower, Dale Chihuly has exhibitions all over the world, from Norway to the U.A.E. (If you’ve been to Las Vegas’ Bellagio, you’ve probably seen his rainbow of glass flowers festooning the ceiling. My parents both saw his previous exhibition at the Botanical Garden, but I missed it. (I wasn’t quite as refined and mature last time.) So we decided to make it a family trip on a gorgeous 70-degree February afternoon.

Since I had been stuck in Boston getting walloped by snowstorm after snowstorm, walking around without a down-filled coat and snow boots on was a little slice of heaven.

Though all of the pieces were impressive—How did they get all the glass to the garden without breaking it?—my favorite two were the floating boat and the white “belugas.” The belugas caught the Arizona sun so perfectly; I was definitely seeing Chihuly’s vision in action.

If you want to see some art in the garden and miss the heat, stop by the Desert Botanical Gardens before May 18th. You can also see the pieces lit up at night on certain days in March and April. It’s definitely worth a trip!

Photography by me. February 2014.

Where to Find It:
1201 N. Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008
(480) 941-1225

DC Brau, A Hipster’s Paradise

As you know, J is a connoisseur of the drink; so while in DC, we had to check out the Capitol’s only brewery. DC Brau is a little out of the way and a lot hidden. We pulled into a strip mall and found no signs of the brewery, except a stray hipster walking down an alley. We followed him only to find a food truck and the entrance to the brewery.

Inside the brewery was bustling with customers waiting in line for their tasting-sized drinks, listening to rap music, and chatting amongst themselves. There were even a few families with small children (babies strapped into carriers or toddlers playing with toy trucks), who were oblivious to the very adult activities around them.

The brewery tour started about 20 minutes late (which we didn’t mind one bit, we just got another sample), but the loud music made it nearly impossible to hear the tour guide give his speech. So we ditched the tour less than half way through to go imbibe in a few more samples.

What DC Brau lacks for in well-thought-out brewery tours, it makes up for in witty beer names. The brews are all DC-themed, from “The Corruption” to “The Public.”

For a true beer nerd or A-list DC hipster, DC Brau is a fun weekend afternoon event.

Photography by me. January 2014.

Of all the places we ate in DC, and planned to eat at, the best food we had was in a gas station. Yep, you’re reading that correctly.

Our lovely co-hosts took us to Fast Gourmet, a delicious lunch spot inside a Valero. The menu is international, with empanadas and plantain chips alongside a meatball sandwich.

It’s the perfect spot to fuel up your car and yourself.

Photography by me. January 2014.

Where to Find It
1400 W St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 448-9217

A Curious Bookstore

While in D.C. visiting friends, J and I were taken to Capitol Hill Books, also known as a hoarder’s nirvana.

This stuffed-to-the-brim store is most definitely a fire hazard, but an interesting one at that. (There’s even books in the bathroom.) The owner sits at the store’s entrance, welcoming shoppers, browsers, and on-lookers.

The books range from Shakespeare to biographies of Bill Clinton to Garrison Keillor. The owner can tell you exactly where to find any book, which is helpful as they’re not arranged in any discernible order and are marked with only handwritten signs.

The signs are often silly or absurd. We spied one that read “Hinduism + Bobby Knight —>”. And a glance over the Instagrams tagged at the bookstore reveals many more, including a not quite accurate Harry Potter spoiler.

If you’re in town and looking for a place to warm up, cool down, or waste 30 minutes, stop by Capitol Hill books.

Photography by me. January 2014.

Where to Find It:
657 C Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 544-1621