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Oak Alley Plantation is one incredibly photogenic house.

On a lazy Sunday, my friend and I meandered out to Oak Alley Plantation (after we stopped off at a drive through Popeye’s).

Built in the 1830s, French Creole-style Oak Alley has been inhabited by a sugar cane farmer, animals (when the house fell into disrepair) who ruined the home’s original marble flooring, and the most recent owners were a couple who owned the plantation from 1925 to 1972.

My friend and I grabbed lemonade and sweet tea to walk around the plantation grounds in true Southern style. The day was just a bit sunny and steamy, but perfect for strolling around green lawns.

The plantation grounds were filled with wildlife - we spotted a cardinal, blue jay, hawk, kitty, and several dragonflies. I was just missing a fan, bonnet and hoop skirt to feel like I was back in the plantation’s heyday.

Photography by me. May 2012.

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