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It’s restaurant week in Boston, so obviously J and I have made a few choice reservations. Our first stop was Toro in the South End for tapas.

We arrived on a cold, rainy night only to be welcomed by a warm, lively atmosphere inside the restaurant. From the moment I spied Toro’s Dali-themed logo chalk-drawn logo above the wine on tap, I knew I’d really like this place.

I started the night with a glass of Tinto de Verano, a Spanish drink of red wine and lemon-lime soda, which I do have to say was far more refreshing than a normal glass of red wine.

The highlights of the night were the much-talked-about corn, short ribs and Spanish prosciutto-wrapped dates (none of which are pictured). The specialty of the house—grilled corn with aioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese—didn’t disappoint. The corn’s sweetness paired perfectly with the tart lime, aioli and salty cheese. The jamon serrano-wrapped medjool dates, stuffed with blue cheese and almonds, were savory candy. I wanted more than just one per person. The spare ribs also had a sweetness that definitely made them worth the extra $2.00 charge.

As I told J prior to ordering, about the only time I’m adventurous in life is at the dinner table. No skydiving or spelunking for me, thank you! I’ll try pretty much anything food-wise (famous last words). So our not-so-normal pick of the night was the pressed uni sandwich with miso butter and pickled mustard seeds (pictured above). Our verdict was 50/50. We didn’t love it, but we didn’t hate it either. Uni, which is sea urchin, had a specific taste that was unlike any other shellfish I’ve had before. I suspect it’s an acquired taste.

For dessert we went one part European and one part utterly decadent. Two slices of manchego cheese and membrillo, a fruit and sugar cube similar to thick jam, plus a chocolate dipped churro. Pure perfection.

Stay tuned for my next restaurant week adventure…

Photography by me. March 2013. 

My friend and I stopped by Petit Robert Bistro on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston last night. Our meal was delicious, if a bit heavy. We split coq-au-vin, gratin dauphinois and a chocolate souffle. I would love to go again and get something a teensy bit lighter and instead of the souffle get a chocolate mousse!

Photograph by me. March 2012.

But before I show you pictures of my new home…

Here are some pictures of my always home - Scottsdale.

On Sunday I had brunch with two of my favorite people, and fellow bloggers, Nicole and Kelly. We went to Arcadia Farms Cafe in Old Town Scottsdale and it was yummy. We had delicious flavored mimosas. I had pomegranate. We felt very classy, which is new for us!

Photography by me, taken with Instagram for iPhone. February 2012.

I’ve been to the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles several times, so to be surprised by a new addition which offered delicious pastries was perfect for a sunny February morning.

My mom and I stumbled upon Short Cake, which just happens to be the progeny of Los Angeles foodie royalty. Conceived by the late Amy Pressman, Short Cake offers pastries and desserts that are to die for. I ordered the comté and thyme croissant which my mom scoffed at, and later came to regret those words because it was irresistibly delicious.

The whole place is too cute for words, with beakers and old-timey instruments creating a not-too-kitschy vibe. I think the multicolored circles are actually bundt pans. Precious.

If you’re in the area, I suggest you check it out.

Photography by me. February 2012.

The yummy macarons from LA’s Bottega Louie, one of my favorite places to eat (if you have quite a bit of time and money) in all of LA. I brought some of these delicious treats home for my parents as a tiny holiday gift. I also ordered some homemade marshmallows off of because we had some in Chicago (we took a trip there this summer) and it was one of our favorite parts of that trip.

All of these treats in addition to the pies, cookies and cakes I’ve been eating over the holiday are sure to add about 5 lbs to my hips. Great!

Pampas Grill in the original Farmers Market in West Hollywood, right next to The Grove, is the hottest ticket in the Farmers Market. It is traditional Brazilian food served buffet style and priced by weight. They cook and cut the meat - a staple of Brazilian food - in front of you on an open flame.

Just don’t let your eyes get bigger than your tummy, I saw some men filling up their plates to $20 worth of food. I spent $7 and was perfectly full.

I took my friend who was visiting from out of town to eat some good food, then go shopping next door at The Grove.

Photography by me. Sept. 2011.